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Designers toolbox

This site is really useful – just wish I’d found it before. They’ve got all the information you’ll ever need on Envelope Sizes, Typical Folders, DVD/CD Covers & Labels, Postcard Sizes, Business Card Sizes, Standard […]

Does that say what I think it does…?

Oops… maybe it’s just me, but I’m sure this looks like it says something inappropriate like it..? Bit of a branding faux pas here I think.

Drink or Drunk…?

It depends which way up you’re are… ‘Each Bottoms Up shot glass is helpfully labeled “drink” so you know which side to fill. Knock it back and flip it over, and you get a similar-looking, […]

Google font directory

This is a brilliantly simple way to add new fonts to your web design. As far as I can tell it uses the same principle as Typekit, but you can use a very limited library […]

Hundreds of @font-face Font Kits at Font Squirrel

Download hundreds of prepackaged @font-face kits which include multiple font formats, CSS and HTML code project planning steps.

Norwegians give chase to Google Street view camera van…

Apparently, a couple of Norwegian guys in full SCUBA gear waited for the Google Street View camera van to go down their road, and then went in pursuit. This was all dutifully caught on camera, […]

Road Art

Sometimes it’s worth looking at things from a different perspective… This site focuses on road art, and interpretations of highway markings. http://roadsworth.com